Spectros Optimizes Assets & Operations

Spectros Instruments has for over twenty years provided innovative solutions for the detection and quantification of fumigation gases. Located in Eastern Massachusetts (USA) Spectros Instruments has achieved numerous formal adoptions of our fumigation monitors by international regulatory agencies, fumigation gas producers and other commercial entities.

Our fumigation monitors have advanced infrared sensor platforms allowing easy integration in standard or custom configurations for the detection of most fumigation gases. New capabilities include automatic internet connectivity with standard protocols (wifi-cellular/ ethernet/satellite) for remote control of fumigations.

Internet monitoring of fumigation data leverages limited resources with advanced analytics. Informed decisions to optimize assets (fixed and personnel) allow better production practices and increased safety.

Harnessing the Internet for Fumigation

Spectros Instruments Introduces


Tracking your monitor data has never been easier. With Fume View, you can view current and historical data collected by your monitors from any internet-connected computer. No special software is required, just a web browser that supports encryption.

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