Dashboard 2.0
Dashboard New Features

Real-Time Results

Our new dashboard delivers real-time sensor feedback to confirm progress of individual tasks. Customized reporting delivers actionable data. It is the essence of intelligent design.

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Fumigation Integrity

Fumigation Integrity

Developed and refined over 25 years, Spectros Instruments has delivered fumigation monitors to satisfy commercial and regulatory requirements worldwide.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

Fumigation data can be tracked wherever you are, with access to current and historical records and detailed progress collected by your monitors.


Network Accessibility

Automatic internet connectivity with WiFi, 3G-Cellular and ethernet are complimented with optional Modbus RTU serial and satellite communications.


Proven Hardware

Advanced infrared sensor platforms allow for easy integration into standard or custom configurations for the detection of fumigation gases.

Total Solution

Engineered with the latest advancements in technology, our fumigation monitors provide reliable and robust solutions. Utilizing Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) with sensor diagnostics, fumigation concentrations are verifiable in both remote web-based monitoring and static point use.

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Grain Silos

Commodity Fumigations

Monitor fumigations at multiple positions from within fumigated enclosures. There is never any data loss even with power outages. Monitors restart automatically when power is regained.

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Structural Fumigations

Monitor fumigations instead of paying overtime to employees. By utilizing the remote monitoring feature, you can avoid repeated trips to the site for manual readings.

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Verifiable Results

Verified Results

Spectros fumigators achieve regulatory compliance! Access conditions, review data logs and get alerts through email and text message. Integrate with external alarms via optional relay output.

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