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Sulfuryl Fluoride Monitors

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Sulfuryl Fluoride Fumigation Monitor

The SFExplorIR is a continuous-motion, continuous-read monitor with an integrated battery pack and bright backlit LCD diagnostic display of 0.1 ppm resolution. Continuous sensor validation (P,T,V) assures accurate readings. An audible alarm indicates 5ppm sulfuryl fluoride levels.

A diversified sensor platform for fumigation that allows users to track gas concentrations, temperature, relative humidity and more from any remote location. Our monitors continuously transmit accumulated data securely, via Amazon Web Services (AWS), using 256-bit SSL encryption to prevent security risk to your firewall configuration.

The portal visualizes:

  • Real-time concentration readings from multiple sampling points
  • Graphing of concentration over time for all points
  • Details about each sensor
  • Job specifics: location, time zone, fumigant, commodity, environment and scheduling
  • Status conditions and alerts

This actionable intelligence transforms raw data into informed decision making.

Screen image of an online portal showing a gas fumigation graph


Product Specifications

Product Type
Portable sulfuryl fluoride (SO2F2)Fumigation Monitor
Measuring Range
0 to 100 ppm
Detector Type
NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared)
‹ 1 ppm (minimum)
Audible Alarm
Internal audible alarm factory set (5 ppm)
Data Logging & Web Portal Upload
  • Advanced microprocessor command and conrol
  • Data Storage with continuous data transfer to Spectros Instruments Web Portal and archival option of 1 million record storage
Bright, monochrome back-lit LCD & 3 indicator lights
Response Time
90% of response within 5 seconds; 100% in 7 seconds
Warm-up Time
15 minutes
Operating Time
30 plus minutes before the purge-air bag needs refilling
Power Safety Mode
Fully automatic system reset; all programmed parameters retained
DC power pack, provides at least 8 hours of operation
Power Consumption
15 Watts
System Noise
Less than 40dB(A) at 10 feet
Operating Temp
32ā„ƒ - 122ā„ƒF (0 - 50ā„ƒC)
Ambient Humidity
5% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Temperature Drift
±0.3% of reading per Cā„ƒ
Altitude Limit
6,562 ft. (2,000m)
8" D x 19" L x 5" W (203 x 483 x 127 mm)/ Less than 9 lbs (4 kg) w/battery
Valid Calibration Period
1 Year
1 Year from date of shipment. All non-wetted parts.
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