The All-New Dashboard 2.0

Making Fumigations Work For You

Our redesigned dashboard offers better views and mobile flexibility. View the progress of fumigations, customize views and update details on any platform. Realize compliant fumigation performance and peace-of-mind.

Mobile Delivery

You Can Take It With You

Whether you’re in the field or don’t feel like lugging your laptop around, your data is now mobile. Customize your sensor list, see updated views on your graph and even edit your job details. With integrated Google Maps API, your device can even share it’s current location.*

Add Sensors Sensors, Sensors...

Get more results from more sensors and customize your views

CxT Graph Progress on Display

Graphs are sharper than ever and results are at your fingertips.

Sensor Details Customized Reports

The details are all there, completely editable and condensed for mobile.

Location Maps Where It’s At

Integrated Google Maps introduces your device to “the grid”.*

Your Results, Multiplied

Our multi-sensor-capable monitors allow you to create an unlimited number of fumigation scenarios. Generate custom reports, building a collection of sensors from mulitple monitors. View sensor-level progress and enhanced details.

Editable Sensor Names

Assign custom names to each sensor to make them easier to identify in context with the type of fumigation.

Zone Indicators

Identify the zone number each sensor/sample line is attached to on your device.

CT Threshold Progress

See a visual indication of the CT threshold while in progress and a clear notification once it’s reached.

Add and Remove Sensors

Add and remove sensors from your job dynamically to build a dashboard perfectly customized to your task.

Expanded Sensor Details

Expand each sensor for information on the monitor serial and model, the sensor type, and the default name.

Dashboard Graph

Progress on Display

Graphs are larger and more detailed. Pinpoint time, date and CT accurately, and at any given moment, for any measuring line. Your results will display clearly on all devices, giving you.

Where in the World

What and how are important, but where is essential to results gathering in any process. With new, built-in Google Maps, you know where your results are coming from. Get reliable information in a simple format.

Job Details